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the vagina & vulva anatomy, health and wellbeing section: articles, questionnaires, web site listings - describing yOur anatomy, reproductive cycles, and related body, health and wellbeing topics.

  vagina anatomy diagrams
 • vulva diagram (the face of the vagina)
 • reproductive cycle
(menstrual, hormonal, and ovarian cycles) 

vagina anatomy questionnaires
 • contraception review
 • designer vaginas
 • gyno review
 • menstruation experiences

websites relating to vagina-vulva health and wellbeing
 • websites relating to vagina-vulva health and wellbeing

 • Beautiful Cervix Project - Participate » how to photograph your cervix

 • great 3-min video on v-anatomy: Betty Dodson Draws the Internal Clitoris in Cariln's blog @ Betty Dodson with Carlin Ross.


vagina & vulva health & wellbeing
 • gynecologist experiences
 • lichen sclerosus
 • vulvodynia (vagina pain you can't explain)
 • In Search of the “Normal” Vagina….

menstruation - how it works
 • fertility awareness
 • menarche party
 • menstruation books
 • menstruation web sites
 • tracking your cycle

vagina & vulva health & wellbeing books
 • recommended reads

Woman: An Intimate Geography, by Natalie Angier, is a celebration of the female body– its anatomy, its chemistry, its evolution, and its laughter...

celebrating body and mind

Think of it: the average woman who wants children will spend five years pregnant or trying to become pregnant, and nearly three decades trying to avoid pregnancy. Thirty years of every woman’s life. The quality of those thirty years depends on whether information and effective means of contraception are easily accessible.

Isn't it your right, based on your beliefs, preferences and needs—
your right to self-determination and to privacy
your right to have medical professionals, not government officials, decide what information and services are available to you
—your right to decide for yourself what you will and won’t do with your body?

And, if it isn't your right — whose right is it? Starting, or increasing, a family is not a decision to be taken lightly.
Is there anyone who would know better than you, whether you are ready?

Vagina pain you can't explain
Researchers at Johns Hopkins Hospital are currently looking for volunteers to participate in research studies concerning the mechanisms of pain in vulvodynia (a chronic pain syndrome of the vulvar and vaginal area). For more information, check out vulvodyniasupport.com

Please note: vaginaverite.com is not moderated by any health or medical experts. For medical questions, please see your doctor. Each of us is unique in our bodies and our experiences, so only an examination by a doctor will give you the specific answers you need.

That said, there's lots to talk about and much to learn about our bodies. The intention of this section is to provide a forum for conversation about our personal experiences, as well as a gateway to information and services available – and to highlight areas of health concern particular to women that need more attention from the medical and research communities.

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