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Previous Exhibitions:
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the last #vv preview exhibition. installation at the artist’s home. NYC, JAN 2010.
92 v-portraits were on view in the artist's living room. This was the last of the preview of exhibitions. We celebrated the project's progress and engaged in the conversatinos that spiral out of it. Thank you all who attended in person & in spirit!

VULVAGRAPHICS. The Change You Want to See Gallery. NYC, OCT 2009.
vagina vérité® was on view at VULVAGRAPHICS, a New View Campaign event, celebrating the diversity of the female vulva though classic and contemporary arts and crafts. View the press release here. Read my guest blog post @ the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research blog, re:Cycling: » In Search of the “Normal” Vagina….

The OCT 24 reception was packed, and bubbling over with lively conversation, crayon-activism and art appreciation. It was an all-out celebration of genital diversity—of our uniqueness and shared experiences! The New View Campaign honored Betty Dodson, foremother to the art and the activism of Vulvagraphics. We were honored to have her there with us!

intro to vagina vérité®. installation at the artist’s home. NYC, JUN 2009
vagina vérité® - documentary-style vulva portraits, straight-up photographs, that leave little between you and the images, and your experience of your personal experiences, your assumptions, your stories and questions - installed in the artist's living room.

Wimodaughsis at Vagina Festival, NYC, October 2008
vagina vérité® was part of the Vagina Festival visual art exhibition of paintings, photography, sculpture, print, and video, curated by Rose Merola. Vagina Festival - a visual and performance art experience, inspired by Jacoby's experience working on vagina vérité®, engaged viewers with a range of work that explored our bodies, sense of self, sexuality, and our relationships.

Red Tent Women's Project, NYC, November 2007
Vagina, vulva, pussy, cunt – and have you heard the latest celebrity darling: vajayjay? Why are there so many words and why do none of them seem right?

Spark Your Fire, August 2007
WomanVision and vagina vérité® co-hosted a free event exporing our whole, juicy, and sacred selves.  With the v-portraits installed around us, Joanna and Dawn led us through an experience of the power and potential of an all-women’s circle.

Vagina Festival, February 2007
The v-portraits were exhibited at Vagina Festival, a visual and performance art experience, as part of a group show.

Inspired by vagina vérité™ and the many conversations it opens up, Vagina Festival is a space for conversations we don't usually get to have. The 2007 Vagina Festival was our first. We were a part of V-Day's Worldwide Campaign to end violence against women and girls. Visual artists, performance artists, musicians, and speakers came together to raise awareness about the pervasiveness of violence against women, and raised money for V-Day.

The V-Factor: A Private Matter in the Public Eye, November 2006
presented by Intimate Engagements
With over 60 v-portraits revealing what most women have not had a chance to see - the amazing diversity that unites us,our salon discussion explored the dynamic interplay between society's view on 'the -v' and our own evolving sense of self.

v-portrait viewing—open studio. October 2006, NYC.
62 v-portraits were on view. An unabashed exploration of the plain, ordinary, mysterious matter of our vaginas.

Art Feast, Musée de Monoian. September 2006, NYC.
Spire (a 6' 3” totem of eight v-portraits) was included in the Art Feast at the Musée de Monoian.
more...more on Art Feast

rated R for Random, Agni Gallery. September 2006, NYC.
The v-portraits were presented in book form for the first time at Agni Gallery as part of the rated R for Random group exhibition. [Photography for the book is still in progress. This was a preview of the book so far]. press release...rated R for Random press release more...more on rated R for Random

Emerging Artists International's (EAI), NYC, US, October, 2005
As part of the citywide open studios event, Jacoby invited viewers to experience the v-portraits—unabashed and proud—installed on her living room wall.

Society for Menstrual Cycle Research conference. Boulder, CO, June 2005
vagina vérité™ was exhibited at the SMCR interdisciplinary conference. The Society for Menstrual Cycle Research, a nonprofit organization, was founded in 1977 by a multidisciplinary group of women who were pioneers in understanding the centrality of menstrual cycle research to women's health. SMCR is an interdisciplinary group of researchers, health care providers, policy makers, and students who share an interest in women's lives and health needs as they are related to the menstrual cycle. press release...SMCR press release

The Alliance for Women's Equality's AWE-inspiring authors series
Vaginas: An Exploration, NYC, NY, US, March 2005
An in-depth discussion about ourselves—a reading from Vaginas: An Owner's Manual, an exhibition of vagina vérité™, and a spirited Q&A. Read more...more on Spire at Love Your Tree

Sunday, March 20, 2005, NYC, NY, US
vbook preview exhibition
an unabashed exploration of the plain, ordinary, mysterious matter of our vaginas.

Thank you to everyone who came by on Sunday to view the vagina portraits.
It was great meeting you and a pleasure talking with you.

Looking forward to next time!

Love Your Tree, ABC Carpet & Home. NYC, Dec 04 - Jan 05
Spire, an offshoot of vagina vérité™ was on view in the "Love Your Tree" exhibition, an installation of 16 women photographers, each uniquely exploring the mystery, power and questions to be found in a woman's body. Each image evoked its own theatre of self-inquiry. Read more...Vaginas: An Exploration

Threat, A Gathering of the Tribes. NYC, Nov. 2004: The v-portraits were exhibited at A Gathering of the Tribes, a gallery in the east village in a group exhibition, entitled: Threat.

Standing together, unabashed, unaltered, these portraits of women's most private selves challenge the concept of power as domination and provide a forum for conversation where every woman is included, enfolded, safe.

The nature of power and protection are just two spirals of the endless whorl of conversations generated by the exploration of the plain, ordinary, mysterious matter of our vaginas. The v-portraits engage the context of the environment in which they are viewed, as well as absorb the viewer's personal associations and experiences. vagina vérité reveals the rarely seen faces of vaginas, proud receivers and creators.

yOur Exhibition, Smithfield. NYC, Dec 2002: The first exhibition of exhibition of the v-portraits was in Dec. 2002 at Smithfield (a bar in downtown NYC) – a preview exhibition just for women. About 130 women attended. Most got their first view of other women's vaginas. It was a fun evening, where my mother's friends got to spend some time in a lower east side bar (one commented on the bathrooms being unexpectedly clean).


In the Spring of 2003, I was invited to give a presentation to a class at Parsons School of Design, NYC, NY, US. I brought some of the portraits with me, gave a talk, and took questions (frequently about what men think of the project). I've put together a "speaker's kit" and have started sending it around to universities.
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