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Katrina on the Boxing Katrina Series

"Most contemporary erotic art can be quite difficult to display in a decorative and subtle manner.  My interest in "Boxing Katrina" is the opportunity to explore how to effectively present explicit, erotic imagery in an interesting and appealing format.  I want to make erotic sculpture that you can feel comfortable displaying as fine art.

I view erotica as a fetishization of the body.  Human form and sexuality are disassembled and reconfigured.  Desire is fueled by a fixation on what is hidden and revealed.  Art is a way of filtering sexuality into what is essential.  I want to hold the body captive, to freeze a moment in time and space, to revel in its every detail.

The process of life-casting allows me to produce very explicit and detailed erotic imagery.  The results are remarkably true-to-life, providing an exact replica of the body.

For me, the artistic challenge is what to do with this life-like representation.  Many artists who work with life-casting simply present the casting as a finished work of art.   Personally, I feel such work has an unfinished appearance.                                     

By "boxing" the casting,  I am able to give the work a formal and conceptual context.  Presented in this way, the image becomes susceptible to fixation and fantasy.  The piece becomes an object of sexual projection and obsession. It becomes a fetish.

As an artist, I do not like repeating myself and avoid mass production.  The pieces in this series will only be available in limited, small run, editions.  Life-casting of this kind can be very 'hit-or-miss".  It takes many casting sessions to get an exceptional image.

I hope you enjoy the sculptures!   
- Katrina

For more on the Series, check out: boxingkatrina.com
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