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A Goddess Reviews the Vagina Monologues
An Ode to Mucus

 reprinted from Femme Fertile, Spring 2005, a Forthright Magazine for Maids, Mothers and Crones
 A publication of Justisse Healthworks for Women

hank you for celebrating women in The Vagina Monologues. Though you do not name Me directly, I know deep in my heart that actors and audience alike honor the Goddess with every version that is performed around the world.
     Vaginas have been tucked away for too many centuries of your history and the glorious days of herstory are ancient memories. Too many women in today's world do not know their vaginas, and thus do not know Me.
     I am a Fertility Goddess and bring you the mysteries of ovulation, reproduction, sexuality, menstruation, miscarriage, abortion, childbirth, infertility, menarche, and menopause. I protect the regenerative organs of all creatures, both female and male and I have a special place in my heart for the women whose knowledge of Me and my sister goddesses has faded. Those who serve Me are midwives, counselors, teachers, belly dancers, priestesses, and healers; anyone who helps women know how their bodies work on my behalf.
     I am pleased that the vulva and vagina are being celebrated; but for my taste, The Vagina Monologues lacks mucus. The production covers some of the women's mysteries like menstruation, sex, and masturbation and this is significant progress after the years of repression you are still healing from. But my dears, where's the mucus? Where's the clear, stretchy, lubricative cervical mucus that is so abundant during your ovulations? Where's the smooth, cloudy mucus that marks the beginning of your fertile phases? Please tell each other about how it feels slippery when you
wipe your vulva, how it stretches between your fingers, how smooth and ready it makes you feel, how you started a baby during the days you noticed it. I don't want to speculate about the reasons for the lack of mucus in The Vagina Monologues, but could it be that mucus

is considered too “icky” to be discussed in public? Could modern women be willing to loudly reclaim the word cunt and still not be ready to talk about the mucus that appears “down there”? It hurts my heart to hear women say that they thought fluid from their perfect, healthy cervix was some sort of discharge or infection.
     I give you mucus so that sperm cansurvive in your bodies and be nurtured until they can fertilize your eggs and bring new life into the world. The mucus that flows from your cervix each cycle is a beautiful crystalline formation; with an elaborate fern pattern like microscopic frost on a window. These channels sort and nourish the sperm, allowing them further passage into your body. Without cervical mucus, you would be barren. No babies; no people on the earth at all.
     I give you cervical mucus so that you can know when you are in the fertile phase of your cycles and so that you can identify the day of ovulation each and every cycle. You have the ability to decide whether to start a baby or not. The knowledge is at your fingertips. Look for your mucus when you wipe your vulva after going pee. Does it feel slippery? Is there something on the tissue that you can pick up and stretch between your fingers? Get to know your mucus patterns; your life will become easier and you will grow closer to Me.
     It is good to talk about all your woman's parts and your feelings about them, especially when you have not felt able to do so in the past. I invite you to talk about the mucus from your cervix as well. After all, none of you would be here without it.

With thanks to Zsuzsanna Budapest for showing how to give the Goddess Her voice www.zbudapest.com. Find out about The Vagina Monologues at www.vday.org. Also see Judy Chicago's Dinner Party at www.judychicago.com.

Lisa Leger is a Justisse Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner. She provides natural health consultation at The Pharmasave Health Centre in Parksville, B.C. fertilityfairy@hotmail.com
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