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Sunday Afternoon Salons
midtown eastside, NYC, (typically) the third Sunday of the month.
RSVP and confirmation required.

Attend a Sunday Afternoon Salon, where you can view the v-portraits and engage in conversation.

Invitations go out via the newsletter.

The dates are here. Topics to be announced as we go.

The first salon in this newly re-established series took place on Sunday, OCT 17, 2010.

To receive invitations to upcoming Salons, click here.

Please note: I will usually say "Yes, come"! if you respond later than the RSVP date, but it really helps me to know in advance what to expect. And, at some point, there is a limit to how many of us I can fit in the space and share in one conversation. So, first come, first reserved. Your planning and commitment are deeply appreciated!

Yes, there will be snacks and drinks. I want you to be comfortable.

- Alexandra


view the v-portraits
Last exhibition:

June 2, 2011, Society for Menstrual Cycle Research Conference, Pittsburgh. View Conference flyer here.

about Alexandra Jacoby
About Alexandra Jacoby

Artist Statement
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next vagina vérité® exhibition
I am seeking space for the next v-portrait exhibition. It's more of an EXPERIENCE than a viewing. Download my vision of it here. Let me know what you think. And—any ideas on where [in NYC] we can do it?

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