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vv-Salon, NYC
Attend a Sunday Afternoon Salon, where you can view the v-portraits and engage in conversation.

Salons take place the third Sunday of the month in NYC. Invitations go out via the newsletter.

To be informed about upcoming vv-Salons, sign up to receive the newsletter here.

Some previous vagina vérité® viewings

Vagina Festival

The 2008 Vagina Festival took place at Sage Theater in Times Square, Manhattan on Oct. 24-26, 2008. We expanded since our first festival, to fill a 99-seat theater space, presenting a rich and varied array of visual and performance artists' work about women's experiences, our challenges, our celebrations.

Several hundred women and men attended over the weekend. It was indeed a fun, moving, thought-provoking experience! The stage seemed to reach through the audience and into our comfy lobby/mingling space, where it was met by the gallery's continual buzz of conversation and reflection.

Vagina Festival, Feb. 16-18, 2007, NYC.
Vagina Festival, a visual and performance art experience, inspired by vagina vérité® and the many conversations it opens up, is a space for conversations we don't usually get to have.

The 2007 Vagina Festival was our first. We were a part of V-Day's Worldwide Campaign to end violence against women and girls. Visual artists, performance artists, musicians, and speakers came together to raise awareness about the pervasiveness of violence against women, and raised money for V-Day.

R is for RandOm, Sept. 8-14, 2006, NYC.
vagina vérité® was exhibited in book form for the first time! [Photography for the book is still in progress. This was a preview of the book so far].

Emerging Artists International:
vagina vérité® was on view as part of Emerging Artists International‘s (EAI) first NYC Citywide Open Studios Tour, October, 2005.

Love Your Tree, Nov05-Jan06, NYC.
love your tree at ABC carpet
Spire, an offshoot of vagina vérité® was included in the "Love Your Tree" exhibition, an installation of 16 women photographers, each uniquely exploring the mystery, power and questions to be found in a woman's body at ABC Carpet & Home (Broadway and 19th Street, NYC). The beautiful space was created by Paulette Cole and curated by Paula Allen. Read more...more on Spire at Love Your Tree

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The Vagina Monologues, by Eve Ensler
The Dinner Party, by Judy Chicago
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