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JAN 10, 2012

Since Sept. 2000, I have been capturing a glimpse of women’s most private selves. I have been making vagina portraits (documentary-style photographs) to be compiled in a book, titled: vagina vérité®. An unabashed exploration of the plain, ordinary, myserious matter of vaginas.

It's been a fascinating and affecting experience to talk with women about their relationships with their vaginas and to share in their responses to the v-portraits.

I have made over 100 v-portraits  for the book. Having your vagina photographed is a personal decision. The women who participate in vagina vérité® are individuals of a range of ages, lifestyle choices and comfort-level with their bodies—what they do have in common is their trust in me to document this deeply personal part of us, and for that I thank them.

I look forward to making vagina vérité® available (both as a published book and by exhibiting the v-portraits). My intention is to provide a collective mirror, to spark conversation about issues many of us have about self-image, intimacy, sexuality and identity. This book is for my friend, for all women—so we can see ourselves for ourselves.

Meanwhile, a print-on-demand version of the book can be ordered here.

vagina vérité® is for
women who never really looked at, and/or understood, what they had down there.

women who are curious about other women.

women who celebrate:
  • individuality
  • personal power
  • sexuality
  • and women’s bodies just as they are.
women who wish they did.

women who worry about being normal.

men who are interested in women.

and, of course, for my friend,
and every other woman who doesn’t like the way her vagina looks.

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Alexandra Jacoby

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viewing vagina vérité®:
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Seeking exhibition spaces:
I am always seeking an exhibition space for the v-portraits in the NYC area. If you know of a space that would work for the v-portraits, I'd love to hear from you.

Participating in vagina vérité®:

take the v-book surve
To publish vagina vérité®, I'll probably be submitting a publishing proposal, which includes among other things, a description of the market for the book.

Your input as to whether you'd buy the book would be very helpful in preparing the publishing proposal for vagina vérité®. Take the v-book survey.

what to expect at a salon
what's a salon?
A salon is a gathering for learning or enjoyment. It's a conversation in my living room, that I hope will spill out into the world. Salons take place in NYC.

Salons take place the third Sunday of the month in NYC. Invitations go out via the newsletter. To be informed about upcoming vv-Salons, sign up to receive the newsletter here.

respond to a vv-questionnaire
Vagina first-times, taste and feel, virginity, vagina style, do you like the way your vagina looks?...

Participate by responding to one of the vv-questionnaires.

Or, suggest another questionnaire.

Publishing vagina vérité®

I've completed the text and made a print-on-demand version of the book. You can be order it here.

What I'd really like is a publisher, and that means writing the proposal: answering the questions of Who is this book for? and Where does it belong?—more specifically than: everyone and everywhere!


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