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vagina vérité™ — would you buy the book?

Looking ahead to when vagina vérité® is complete, I'd appreciate your input as to whether you'd buy the book, and a bit about yourself. Your responses to the following questions will be very helpful in preparing vagina vérité® for publication. Please answer in detail.

In addition, your responses may be quoted or paraphrased in vagina vérité® - the book or in exhibitions (no names, just the responses).

Would you buy vagina vérité®, and why - what would you hope, or expect, to get out of it?

Or, If you would not buy vagina vérité, who would you expect to buy it?


Would you buy vagina vérité® for someone else? Describe the person you'd buy it for and why you think s/he would like it, or why you'd want him/her to have it.


How old are you?


Where do you live - city, suburbs, countryside?


What is your home like, with whom do you live?


What are your interests, your occupation (professional and personal)?


What books have you bought recently?


How often do you buy books, or about how many do you buy a year?


What magazines do you read?


What movies have you seen recently?


What level of education have you completed? (high school, undergraduate degree...)


vagina vérité® will probably be about 80 pages when it's done: 60 pages of vagina portraits (full-page color images) and 20 pages of text. It will be about 8 1/2" x 9". At what price would you expect the book should be sold?


Anything you'd like to add, or would like to suggest?


Please include your initials, and the city, state (or province) where you live.


If you'd like to be emailed when the book is available, enter your email address.


See Terms of Use for details on vaginaverite.com's privacy and submission policies.

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