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reproductive freedom   choice: either you have one, or you don't

choice web sites
the web sites, articles and agencies mentioned here are just a sampling of what is available and the work being done on behalf of, and against, reproductive choice. feel free to email suggested additions.

National Abortion Federation

"The National Abortion Federation (NAF) is the professional association of abortion providers in the United States and Canada. NAF members provide the broadest spectrum of abortion expertise in North America. Our members include some 400 nonprofit and private clinics, women’s health centers, Planned Parenthood facilities, and private physicians, as well as nationally and internationally recognized researchers, clinicians, and educators at major universities and teaching hospitals, who together care for more than half of the women who choose abortion each year in the United States."

Abortion Training Ordered For NYC Docs

"... (AP) Beginning in July, obstetrics and gynecology residents in New York City's public hospitals will be routinely trained to perform abortions under a program backed by Mayor Michael Bloomberg..." Read article at CBS.com

Today's News and Views

appeals not only to committed pro-lifers but to anyone with an open mind on the greatest social justice issue of our day: abortion

Judge says health plan must include birth control

SEATTLE, Washington (CNN) -- A federal judge ruled a company guilty of sexual discrimination Tuesday for not including birth control in its comprehensive health plan.
For more on insurance coverage for birth control pills, see Planned Parenthood's Cover My Pills page

Americans Against Choice

from the Indianapolis Star, 17 August 2001

Roe v. Wade

You will find a plethora of information about the actual Supreme Court case, about consequences of an abortion on demand society, about the lies told by abortion advocates (especially about the myth of illegal abortions and the myth of safe, legal abortions), you'll find out why abortion is not pro-woman, and you'll find some educational information about abortion.

Tune into the Truth

The internet's #1 information source on abortion

Includes information about abortion that schools, government and...

The Alan Guttmacher Institute

The mission of The Alan Guttmacher Institute (AGI) is to protect the reproductive choices of all women and men--in the United States and throughout the world.
Planned Parenthood
FACT SHEET: Equity in Prescription Insurance and Contraceptive Coverage

It is a policy of Planned Parenthood Federation of America to ensure that women have the right to seek and obtain medically safe, legal abortions under dignified conditions at a reasonable cost.

Daily Reproductive Health Report
The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation is an independent philanthropy focusing on the major health care issues facing the nation. The Foundation is an independent voice and source of facts and analysis for policymakers, the media, the health care community, and the general public.

cover my pills.org

"We believe that any health insurance plan that covers prescription drugs should include contraception as part of that coverage. We are dedicated to working with women and men, organizations, employers and unions across country to ensure that contraception is included as part of an individuals insurance coverage."

The Facts: The Equity in Prescription Insurance and Contraceptive Coverage Act (EPICC)
the center for reproductive law and policy

..."On average, women aged 15-44 pay 68% more in out-of-pocket medical costs than their male counterparts, in large part due to reproductive health care costs...."

global population and environment

Equity in Prescription Insurance and Contraceptive Act(EPICC)

"...While most insurance companies state that prescription contraceptives are not "medically necessary," most women regard contraception as a fundamental component of basic health care...."

Equity in Prescription and Contraceptive Coverage Act
American Association of University Women

"...Contraceptives have a proven track record of preventing unintended pregnancy, reducing the need for abortion, and enhancing the health of women and children....."

Maintain Equity in Health Coverage For Federal Workers

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

"...Failing to cover contraception discriminates against women...."

Reid Renews Fight For Women's Contraceptive Equity

Bipartisan Legislation Mandates Insurers Cover Birth Control
January 23, 2001

"... It is time to pass EPICC because access to contraception will bring down the unintended pregnancy rate, ensure good reproductive health for women, and reduce the number of abortions...."

Read the EPICC in the Senate and in the House

Briefing: Meeting the Reproductive Health Needs of Women
Population Resource Center

"...Worldwide, 600,000 women die and seven million suffer health consequences due to complications of pregnancy and childbirth. The need for and the solutions to providing comprehensive reproductive health care for all women were discussed at this program...."

Will Viagra change the way Americans view sexual health?
May 15, 1998

"...Many people also may not be aware that coverage is readily available for contraceptive devices.

The issue, therefore, is not whether coverage for contraceptive devices is available. Instead, it is whether coverage for contraceptive devices should be mandated...."

FDA Should Grant OTC Status to Emergency Oral Contraception
American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists

"...Emergency contraceptive pills meet all the customary criteria for over-the-counter use: low toxicity, no potential for overdose or addiction, no teratogenicity, no need for medical screening, self-identification of the need, uniform dosage, and no important drug interactions...."

American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists

click here for a pre-written letter you can send to you representatives - urging them to support this important piece of legislation.

ACOG to Testify at Senate Contraceptive Coverage Equity

Anita Nelson, MD, ACOG Fellow from California will testify on behalf of ACOG in support of contraceptive coverage and will discuss the health benefits of contraception before the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (HELP) Committee in September. The Committee hearing on S.104, the Equity in Prescription Insurance and Contraceptive Coverage (EPICC) Act, a bill to require health plans that cover prescription drugs to cover prescription contraceptives, is scheduled for Monday, September 10, 2001 .

The hearing focused on the importance of contraceptive coverage and why legislation like the Equity in Prescription Insurance and Contraception Coverage Act (EPICC) is needed. As you know, EPICC would ensure that health plans which cover prescription drugs and devices cover contraceptive drugs and devices in the same manner.

Emily's List

The nation's foremost financial and political resource for pro-choice Democratic women

agencies around the world, working for us
ifpa – Irish Family Planning Association

  "...The IFPA (Irish Family Planning Association) is a national voluntary organisation and registered charity which has been pioneering reproductive health and rights in Ireland since 1969..."

"...deeply committed to promoting and protecting the individual basic human rights of everybody in relation to reproductive and sexual health, relationships and sexuality..."

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