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  yOur contraception experiences 
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how old were you when you first started using contraception; what method did you start with, and where did you learn about it?

I was 17 when I lost my virginity. The first form of contraception was a condom, which I learned about from my boyfriend.

did your mother talk to you about preventing unwanted pregnancy? did she bring it up, or did you? did you discuss it with your friends?

Yes, she made damn sure that when I decided to start having sex, I knew all the facts. Of course I shared the knowledge with my friends. My mother has always been very open about talking about sex with whoever had questions.

what about school - what did they tell you regarding birth control?

We had classes teaching us the importance of safe sex, and how to protect yourself from pregnancy or STDs.

have you tried more than one method? what do you like about the one you're using now, and what don't you like about it?

I have tried the sponge, condom, and the pill. I think my favorite is the pill. If you are having sex with someone you trust, I would rather just use the pill. Condoms tend to take away some of the pleasure of raw action.

have you had any problems, side effects, etc. with contraception?

No, I have had nothing but good things when it came to contraceptions.

what would you tell your daughter (real or hypothetical) about birth control? When would you start talking to her about it (or others you've tried)?

That if she ever thought about having sex, to come and talk to me, and we will take the proper precautions. I would rather have a daughter on the pill, then pregnant at such a young age. I am very open minded to talking about sex with my daughter.

do you always use contraception when you have sex (that is, when not-hoping to conceive)? How important is contraception to you?

Almost always I use some form of protection. There have been those times when I haven't due to the heat of the moment. Normally, contraception is numero uno!

is the contraception method you use covered by your insurance?

Yes, my birth control only costs me $10 a month.

this conversation makes me think....

That there are to many people out there who are not educated on sex and the importance of proctection.

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