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how old were you when you first started using contraception; what method did you start with, and where did you learn about it?

I was twenty and started taking the Pill a month before I was married (I was a virgin until marriage).

did your mother talk to you about preventing unwanted pregnancy? did she bring it up, or did you? did you discuss it with your friends?

My mother didn't talk to me about anything sex related. I never brought it up. I didn't discuss it with my friends, but I did with my sister.

what about school - what did they tell you regarding birth control?

I was homeschooled and all my mom did was hand me a book to read when I was 11.

have you tried more than one method? what do you like about the one you're using now, and what don't you like about it?

I have an IUD now. I love the spontinaity and security it allows (My husband and I definitely don't want anymore children [we have one daughter] but are too young to do anything permanent). I dislike that my period is not regular like it was while on the pill. I bleed a bit heavier and have worse cramps than before, but it's really not that bad. Others I've talked to who've had an IUD have it much worse.

have you had any problems, side effects, etc. with contraception?

My first one came out by itself one month after it was inserted. It's a good thing my OB/GYN. had me schedualed to come back for a follow up appointment or I wouldn't have known. She said she had never had that happen to one of her patients before. The second one stayed put like it was suppose to.

what would you tell your daughter (real or hypothetical) about birth control? When would you start talking to her about it (or others you've tried)?

I beleive in abstinance until marriage, but will not use this as an excuse to raise an ignorant child. I will inform her about sex and reproduction around age 8 and when she starts her period I will make sure she know how I feel about abstinance, but also let her know the dangers of unprotected sex and the necessity of protection to prevent STDs and pregnancy so if she comes to a point where her veiws are different than mine she will be informed and know how to obtain protection.

do you always use contraception when you have sex (that is, when not-hoping to conceive)? How important is contraception to you?

Yes (IUD). Contraceptionis extremely important to my husband and I as we do not wish to have anymore children. When we are a bit older (We are 23 & 24 , respectivly,) he will have a vasectomy and I will probably go on a pill that allows you to have only four periods a year.

is the contraception method you use covered by your insurance?

How glad I am that today we have many options for preventing pregnacy. 100 years ago women were giving birth to five or more children in their lives, plus miscarrages...

this conversation makes me think....

How glad I am that today we have many options for preventing pregnacy. 100 years ago women were giving birth to five or more children in their lives, plus miscarrages...

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