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are you satisfied with the contraception method you're using  

The purpose of the questionnaires is to share personal experiences.

Going beyond yes-no or one-word answers is a requirement for responses to be published on the site (keeps it interesting for the readers).

In addition, your responses may be quoted or paraphrased in vagina vérité® - the book or in exhibitions (no names, just the responses).

Also, feel free to go beyond the scope of the questions - they are intended to start conversation. Anything you would like to share, or to ask others, relating to gynecologists is relevant and welcome here. And, thank you for taking the time to respond!

how old were you when you first started using contraception; what method did you start with, and where did you learn about it?


did your mother talk to you about preventing unwanted pregnancy? did she bring it up, or did you? did you discuss it with your friends?

what about school - what did they tell you regarding birth control?


have you tried more than one method? what do you like about the one you're using now, and what don't you like about it?

have you had any problems, side effects, etc. with contraception?


what would you tell your daughter (real or hypothetical) about birth control? When would you start talking to her about it (or others you've tried)?


do you always use contraception when you have sex (that is, when not-hoping to conceive)? How important is contraception to you?


is the contraception method you use covered by your insurance?


this conversation makes me think....


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