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Designer Vaginas?     

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Is this the first time you're hearing of female genital cosmetic surgery?

No, I learned about it when an editor of a women's magazine wrote an editorial on the trend in designer vaginas to protest the photoshopping of women's labia in bikini shots otherwise they would have to sell their magazines in plastic sleeves.

Would you re-design your vagina? – why?

  No- I actually really like my vagina. However, I recognise mine would be classified as inoffensive according to the surgery websites. I did have a boyfriend once who mentioned he didn't like the "untidiness" of his previous partner's girls parts- it makes me wonder how I would feel if I did have anything considered different- I still don't think I'd resortto surgery but I hate that it's yet another part of women's bodies that are being dictated to look a certain way.

This conversation makes me think...

  of the immense and building pressure on women in society

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designer vaginas
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