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The FAQs of Life - Sex Ed questionnaire responses  

  Sex Education questionnaire responses
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  Sex Ed questionnaire response 12

  How did you first learn about sex?

  ok, this memory is really foggy: when i was really young i asked my mom and she emplained it in slightly technical but understandable terms. i thought eeww gross she does not mean what i think she means, and then i didn't think about it much for a while.

then in fifth grade (around 11 years old) we had a sex ed course that taught the basics (maturation, menstration, how babies are made). when i was in tenth grade (about 15 years old) there was a more coprehensive health course that reviewed the basics and also discussed the various forms of birth control, STD's, and the fact that of all the forms of birth controll only condoms will prevent STD's. however, that health course was somewhat abstinence oriented.

  Do you feel the information you were given was adequate?

  sort of. it covered the basics, but if i'd been having sex at a young age, like some of the girls a my school, i would have had no idea what to expect. also sex was never appreached as an experience for pleasure, that aspect was never explained, nor was masturbation. finally, and rather importantly, abortion information was virtually nonexistant, as was practical information (where to get contrception, where to go if you needed an abortion, etc).

  What do you think of the quality of sex education today?

  sex-ed needs to be more open and unashamed.

  Do you feel that the media's obsession with sex leaves nothing left for parents to teach their kids?

  sex as portared by the media leaves ALL of the important information out. nothing in the media teaches kids about contreception, abortion, pregnancy, becoming comfortable with their bodies, dealing with the emotional aspects of a relationship, or multiple other issues.

  Do you think that sexuality education should be treated differently for girls than it is for boys?


  Does the advertising of "women's sanitary products" on TV bother you?


  How early, is too early to learn about sex?

  if the child can ask "where do babies come from?" then it's not too early (particularly if they have asked that, or something similar). i think care needs to be taked in making the information understandable and not too intimidating.

  If you knew then what you know now, what would you do differently?

  i think i would have been more comfortable with my body as it developed.

  If you had a teenage daughter and there was a book available which contained graphic information about female sexuality, orgasm, masturbation techniques - designed to teach them everything about their sexuality - while recommending the delaying experimentation with penetrative sex until of emotional maturity (and legal age) - would you let her read it? (please give reasons why)

  yes, absolutely. when i was younger i ended up looking on the internet for information about female masturbation, and luckily found good, informative sites, but it would have been very easy to just end up on porn sites. i feel it's very important that girls and women be given the information that helps them become familiar with their bodies and comfortable with their sexulity, as well as encouraging resposible sexual practices.

  How did you first hear about exotic sexual practices such as fetishism and group sex?

  it was either the internet or TV, i can't remember, probably TV.

  Do you feel that the increasingly mainstream reference to these things is a good thing? (ie: Threesomes and guy's facination with Lesbianism being a standard punch line on sitcoms these days).

  i think it can be a good thing, but presently no i don't like how the media handles these issues. (ie: "guy's facination with Lesbianism" is okay and used in jokes, but rarely see references about a woman wanting to watch two men, or have sex with two men. in other words i'd like to see equal treatment of male and female sexuality.)

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