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Sex Education questionnaire  

  Sex Education questionnaire
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  Be sure to go beyond yes-no and one-word answers. We’d really like to hear what you think.

  How did you first learn about sex?


  Do you feel the information you were given was adequate?


  What do you think of the quality of sex education today?


  Do you feel that the media's obsession with sex leaves nothing left for parents to teach their kids?


  Do you think that sexuality education should be treated differently for girls than it is for boys?


  Does the advertising of "women's sanitary products" on TV bother you?


  How early, is too early to learn about sex?


  If you knew then what you know now, what would you do differently?


  If you had a teenage daughter and there was a book available which contained graphic information about female sexuality, orgasm, masturbation techniques - designed to teach them everything about their sexuality - while recommending the delaying experimentation with penetrative sex until of emotional maturity (and legal age) - would you let her read it? (please give reasons why)


  How did you first hear about exotic sexual practices such as fetishism and group sex?


  Do you feel that the increasingly mainstream reference to these things is a good thing? (ie: Threesomes and guy's facination with Lesbianism being a standard punch line on sitcoms these days).



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