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   Teen Oral Sex questionnaire response 37  

  teen oral sex 37

  Do you believe in the notion of a teen oral sex "epidemic" as described on Oprah?

  Epidemic is a stupid word to describe a desirable action which is beneficial to donor and recipient. No one talks about the "epidemic"of soup kitchens or volunteer groups.

  Do you agree with the sentiments expressed?

  Yes, absolutely. Dr Phil is often amazingly insightful, but in this case he acted like a moron, criticising others for not blindly following his own views.

  How old were you when you first had oral sex?

  Received from my brother's spouse at 16. She had the insight to kiss me afterward so I could taste and understand the favour she had done. Gave it at age 19 to a female, then age 40 to a male.

  How do you feel about giving/receiving oral sex.

  It is wonderful. Giving an orgasm is a nice experience, oral ones are often better than in the vagina, and not many females do the anal thing. Eating pussy is my second-favourite activity.

  Do you feel that kids having oral sex is a better alternative to them having penetrative sex?

  Definately. I speak freely to my 2 boys about sex and want them to experience all of it freely and without someone else's religious-based guilt-trips being imposed on them.

  Have you ever given a blow job - without having sex or receiving oral sex? What were the circumstances?

  Frequently. When married my wife constantly wanted oral sex and seldom reciprocated. I love being sucked, but after I climax I am no longer erect so I usually do my partner unless she says no.

  Should there be an age of consent for Oral Sex?

  No. It ought to be taught in grade school as a good form of release, same with masturbation and hand-jobs. Sex is good for people, we have known this for a very long time. Vibrators were invented to cure "hysteria" in women.

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