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personal: women's first-times: vagina stories
women's first-time vagina stories

women's first-time vagina story

women's vagina first-time stories 244
my earliest memory of my vagina is...

  wondering why boys stoot up to wee.

when I was little, my mother told me...


when my friends and I first talked about our vaginas...

  not till we had kids and lodt all taboos about our pussy

when I got my first period...

  i was 13 and on a school trip. i had cramping pains in the morning and then i was stuck miles from home.

the first time I shared my vagina with someone else...

  with my first love in my bedroom when i was thirteen. he played with me after lots of rubbing and kisssing. i never had sex with him.

what I told/would tell my daughter about her vagina...

i tell her not to let anyone touch it.

this conversation makes me think...

of my partner. he knows and understands everything about my pussy. he loves it so much and i feel really lucky

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