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After each vagina-portrait photo-session, we review the v-portrait together (the photographs are digital and I get the shots up on the screen while we talk). One woman pointed out that getting this kind of view of your vulva should be standard practice during a gynecological exam. I completely agree. What else would we like during our examinations in order to feel that they are comprehensive and that we understand everything?

This section reviews our experiences with our gynecologists - what's working and what isn't. Doctors are trained and do their best to give us the care, information and treatment we need, but they are not perfect, and examination methodologies will always need updating as research brings out more information and understanding of our bodies. We can be part of that updating – for example, are doctors being trained in how to elicit information from a woman who would not offer any information on her own about how she feels or her experiences during sex? I imagine there are many women who could do with guidance on what is relevant information to bring up during an exam. So, let's see where we're at so far, and if we are getting, and doing, all we can to ensure healthy and happy lives.

Recently, I went with a friend to see her gynecologist...


gynecologist review  gynecologist review 34

how old are you, and for how long have you been seeing your gynecologist?:  I am 27 years of age, and have seen my gynecologist for 12 years

how did you find your first gynecologist? did your mother talk to you about it; did she take you to see hers?:  My mother referred my first gyn. to me.

do you feel comfortable to ask questions about your body, what you are experiencing, to discuss your sex-life?:   I never feel comfortable about dressing in a paper sheet, being probed and penetrated with a cold speculum, and being told to relax while feeling used, and exposed like that, as for answering questions I have two words for that... ..!..

how often do you see your gynecologist? what does a regular exam consist of?:   I see my gyn yearly, as for the exams, bi-manual, pelvic, breast, and the list goes on...

would you recommend your gynecologist - why, or why not?:   not sure

what are all the factors that go into how you feel about your experience with your gyno? does the reception and nursing staff play a role? is there good reading material in the waiting room?:   not sure either, I just hate it all around

is there something more you'd like to be getting from your gynecologist that you aren't?:   i'm not sure how you can nicely insert your fingers inside me with latex gloves, and make me EVER feel comfortable with it

have you been treated for a disease or disorder? what was it? was it easily diagnosed? what treatment was prescribed, and was it successful?: Bacterial Vaginosis, and I was given flagyl, which was absolutely worthless.

this conversation makes me think.... there are some things that just SUCK about being a girl.

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