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anatomy, health and wellbeing: gynecologist stories
gynecologists review - your gyno and you ·

gynecologist review  gynecologist review 29

how old are you, and for how long have you been seeing your gynecologist?:  I am 29, i am currently my own gynecologist. I am a midwife and discovered a way to do my own pap smears.

how did you find your first gynecologist? did your mother talk to you about it; did she take you to see hers?:  My mom wanted me to go to her gyn the first time, but he was the old man that delivered me and I didn't want to see a man.

do you feel comfortable to ask questions about your body, what you are experiencing, to discuss your sex-life?:   no

how often do you see your gynecologist? what does a regular exam consist of?:   i do my own pap once a year and see a friend gyn when i have an issue

would you recommend your gynecologist - why, or why not?:   yes, she's a naturaopath

what are all the factors that go into how you feel about your experience with your gyno? does the reception and nursing staff play a role? is there good reading material in the waiting room?:   I want my gyn to tell me what is going on, what they are doing, and not cover me to i can't see what they are doing

is there something more you'd like to be getting from your gynecologist that you aren't?:   more information

have you been treated for a disease or disorder? what was it? was it easily diagnosed? what treatment was prescribed, and was it successful?: I had some bad paps and did an Escharotic Treatment which consisted of applying lots of caustic herbs to my cervix to burn off the bad cells instead of cryotherapy. It took several months but it worked and I didn't have to modern treatment which can cause lots of cervical scarring.

this conversation makes me think.... My midwifery education

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gynecologist review
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