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anatomy, health and wellbeing: gynecologist stories
gynecologists review - your gyno and you ·

gynecologist review  gynecologist review 31

how old are you, and for how long have you been seeing your gynecologist?:  I am 24 and I have been seeing this doctor since my first pelvic exam when I was 15

how did you find your first gynecologist? did your mother talk to you about it; did she take you to see hers?:  My mom had been speaking ot me about needing to see the "ladys" Dr since I was around 14. I started dating serious when I was around 15 and my mom suggested I should see the gyno, and took me to see hers and thankfully she was female

do you feel comfortable to ask questions about your body, what you are experiencing, to discuss your sex-life?:   i didnt at first but i doo now as I guess they have heard it all. At the first visitn my mom asked me if I wanted her to stay in the room. I said I didnt and she told me to tell teh Dr everything. The Dr asked if i was sexually active and i muttered that i was after that I was fine

how often do you see your gynecologist? what does a regular exam consist of?:   i go once a year. I usually go in and undress behind a sreeen and put a gown on and give a urine sample. I then go out and talk to the Dr who asks general health questions checks my blood pressure and weighs me. I then have a breast check , PAP smear, pelvic exam and rectal exam. I then dress and she asks if i have furter questions

would you recommend your gynecologist - why, or why not?:   Yes as she takes time to listen

what are all the factors that go into how you feel about your experience with your gyno? does the reception and nursing staff play a role? is there good reading material in the waiting room?:   diginity! I still find this ort of exmaniation extremly embarrassing, but she does her best to kame it bearable

is there something more you'd like to be getting from your gynecologist that you aren't?:   no

have you been treated for a disease or disorder? what was it? was it easily diagnosed? what treatment was prescribed, and was it successful?: no

this conversation makes me think.... That i had better go and make an appointment

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gynecologist review
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