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anatomy, health and wellbeing: gynecologist stories
gynecologists review - your gyno and you ·

gynecologist review  gynecologist review 32

how old are you, and for how long have you been seeing your gynecologist?:  23. Had my first exam at 20, haven't had a regular gyno.

how did you find your first gynecologist? did your mother talk to you about it; did she take you to see hers?:  My mother didn't talk about gyno exams. I didn't really think about needing pap exams until I'd been sexually active for about a year. As a broke college student, I got free birth control by participating in a research study, and being examined was part of the screening process. One of the researchers was a nurse practitioner, and she examined me. She was cheerful, businesslike, and kind.

do you feel comfortable to ask questions about your body, what you are experiencing, to discuss your sex-life?:   Yes. I'm pretty open, and some of this probably has to do with a positive first experience.

how often do you see your gynecologist? what does a regular exam consist of?:   Every 1-2 years. I don't have a regular gynocologist, so exams usually consist of a vaginal pap, internal exam, and breast exam.

would you recommend your gynecologist - why, or why not?:   I've had two exams from certified gynecologists, both when I was trying to get sterilized. The first, a woman, was businesslike, almost brusque. Initially she agreed to sterilize me (Essure procedure) then changed her mind a few weeks later. The second was from a man in his seventies, and he did my tubal ligation. I was happy to have found a doctor who would do this, but he didn't give me much information about the procedure. I don't recommend gynecologists-they don't have the time to give people the information they need. Exams from nurses, nurse practitioners, and health workers have consistently been a positive experience.

what are all the factors that go into how you feel about your experience with your gyno? does the reception and nursing staff play a role? is there good reading material in the waiting room?:   How much they talk to me, and whether they give the appearance of being rushed.

is there something more you'd like to be getting from your gynecologist that you aren't?:   Nope!

have you been treated for a disease or disorder? what was it? was it easily diagnosed? what treatment was prescribed, and was it successful?: I had a mild bacterial infection when I had my first pap. The nurse gave me some medication for it, and it cleared up within a few days. Had a yeast infection when I was 16, but staying away from sugary, yeasty foods has kept them at bay

this conversation makes me think.... that I am pretty lucky to have such minimal contact with male doctors!

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gynecologist review
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