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anatomy, health and wellbeing: gynecologist stories
gynecologists review - your gyno and you ·

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  gynecologist review response 08
how old are you, and for how long have you been seeing your gynecologist?

  I'm 18, been seeing her since i was oh say 14-15.

how did you find your first gynecologist? did your mother talk to you about it; did she take you to see hers?

  My sister told me about this clinic at a college and i went for birth control pills, in order to receive them i had to have an exam. I have been going there ever since

do you feel comfortable to ask questions about your body, what you are experiencing, to discuss your sex-life?

  Um. to a certain extent but i think there will always be hesitation in the back of my mind no matter who im talking to. I just tell her everything because i know its in the best interest for me.

how often do you see your gynecologist? what does a regular exam consist of?

  Every time i need new pills. About every ten months. Just cheching my breasts, and a pelvic exam/pap smear. She always asks if i have any un-ordinary symptoms.

would you recommend your gynecologist - why, or why not?

  Um.. yes to her, but not the clinic i see her at. She seems really understanding and i think she doesnt judge you. She does what she can to help you any ways possible

what are all the factors that go into how you feel about your experience with your gyno?

does the reception and nursing staff play a role?

is there good reading material in the waiting room?

  Mostly her attitude towards me. I also think its imparative that she be a good listener and seem open to all concerns. Of course friendly and understanding is also a must.

is there something more you'd like to be getting from your gynecologist that you aren't?

  The nurse/receptionist that was first there was really great. She was like a mom to all the girls who came in there. the last time i was there she left, which is kinda sad. Now the people at the desk, do what they have to and thats it.

have you been treated for a disease or disorder? what was it? was it easily diagnosed? what treatment was prescribed, and was it successful?

  I was treated recently for chlamydia. It was the worst experience of my life. I'm still feeling uneasy about it and think im going to go back and get checked for PID or tubal pregnancy, because i heard you can get that from it.

this conversation makes me think....

  I really need to think about the partners i choose and practice safer sex. CONDOMS CONDOMS CONDOMS... it almost makes me want to never do it again.

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