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personal: eye of the beholder
 do you like the way your vagina looks?
For the record, the vagina is actually the canal inside. What I think of as the face of the vagina—the lips, the clitoris, the clitoris' hood, etc. all the parts you can see—that is called the vulva. So, this questionnaire is about how you feel about how your vulva looks. [see vulva diagram] though I can't help but ask the question as: do you like the way your vagina looks? because that's what I've always called it...although, that's changing...—Alexandra

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do you like the way your vagina looks? go into some detail about what you do or don't like about it.

I had the most ugly vagina, I realized as a young child when I took bathes with my slightly older sister, together we decided to call it a "witch-nose". Lots of skin and folds bulking out. Things didn't improve with puberty, and later extremely painful intercourse as the skin would get squeezed( finger in between the door effect)contant soars, little cuts and candida in the folds. Just horrible.

have you seen many other women's vaginas? in photographs or live? where did you see them? did you compare yours to theirs? what did you think?

  Mostly in pictures, later watching movies, I realized I had excessif skin and would be condemned to discomfort and embarrasment. I tried to stuff the skin into my vagina but it would fall out, I even considered talking a rasorblade and cut some of it off(I must have been 12 at the time).

how old are you? was this the first time you took a good look at your vagina? – if it is the first time, did you expect it to look the way it does? how often do you typically look at it? when was the first time you looked at it?

  I'm 39, At 6, I always looked at it to check for little wounds and sores eventually candida(fungus) growing in the folds.

have your lovers told you what they think about how your vagina looks? what did they tell you? did you ask them, or did they offer?

  They wondered what on earth it was, it didn't stop me in wanting sex but I was so stress that I never had an orgasme.

this conversation makes me think...

  On how well I did to finally see a plastic surgeon, after my gynecologist turned me down, got surgery it changed my self estime completely.

 do you like the way your vagina looks?

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do you like the way your vagina looks?

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