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personal: eye of the beholder
 do you like the way your vagina looks?
For the record, the vagina is actually the canal inside. What I think of as the face of the vagina—the lips, the clitoris, the clitoris' hood, etc. all the parts you can see—that is called the vulva. So, this questionnaire is about how you feel about how your vulva looks. [see vulva diagram] though I can't help but ask the question as: do you like the way your vagina looks? because that's what I've always called it...although, that's changing...—Alexandra

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do you like the way your vagina looks? go into some detail about what you do or don't like about it.

I like the way my vulva looks. Everything is proportionate to my body, from my clitoris to my lips.

have you seen many other women's vaginas? in photographs or live? where did you see them? did you compare yours to theirs? what did you think?

  I have seen other womens vulva's, but only in photographs. I saw them on the internet and I did compare, and some just look kind of gross, but of course, no two are the same.

how old are you? was this the first time you took a good look at your vagina? – if it is the first time, did you expect it to look the way it does? how often do you typically look at it? when was the first time you looked at it?

  I am 17 years old, the first time I actually looked looked at my vulva was when I was fourteen. I don't look it at often, just when I'm curious to what's down there.

have your lovers told you what they think about how your vagina looks? what did they tell you? did you ask them, or did they offer?

  My lovers have told me that it's pretty? Which to me doesn't make sense, but to them it probably means that it's what they expected a vagina to look like.

this conversation makes me think...

  That some people are immature, and that some need to be informed. Everyone should be happy with their body, because it's the one God gave you. :D

 do you like the way your vagina looks?

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do you like the way your vagina looks?

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