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personal: eye of the beholder
do you like the way your vagina looks?

since i was young, i've been extremely disturbed and ashamed of my outer vaginal lips
, because one side is larger than the other. for years i actually believed that something i'd done (masturbating?) had made it look that way and if i stopped doing it, it would "fix" it. actually i'd just started coming to accept my body, i'm in a loving longterm relationship (i'm 24 years old, a lesbian), and then last year i changed gynecologists and my new doctor made a very no-nonsense comment about the appearance of my vagina ("has it always been like this?"). yeah... way to make me feel good about myself, doc! i've been sort of knocked back into those old issues because of that. i wish i knew that other women are not always "symmetrical" so i don't feel so freakish about myself.

Get out your handmirror and tell us what you think about how your vagina looks!So, what do you think about how your vagina looks?
Share your thoughts by responding to the questionnaire.

For the record, the vagina is actually the canal inside. What I think of as the face of the vagina—the lips, the clitoris, the clitoris' hood, etc. all the parts you can see—that is called the vulva. So, this questionnaire is about how you feel about how your vulva looks. [see vulva diagram] though I can't help but ask the question as: do you like the way your vagina looks? because it's the question that kicked off vagina vérité®, and that's what I've always called it...although, that's changing...—Alexandra

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do you like the way your vagina looks? go into some detail about what you do or don't like about it.

The labia is quite fatty but I think it's quite beautiful and fascinating in general. I've gone au natural of late for the first time in years and I'm surprised (and I have to say a little dismayed) that my hair now reaches my thighs. My hair is relatively sparse but fairly long and not really curly- it's kinda weird.

have you seen many other women's vaginas? in photographs or live? where did you see them? did you compare yours to theirs? what did you think?

  I've seen a couple of my friends when we went skinny dipping and of course I mentally compared- it was nice to see someone else with stubble in between shaves/waxes! I've also seen a fair few in porn websites etc. I noticed a huge variation in amateur porn with men ogling whatever pussy they had; There's no variation in professional porn. Recently I saw an amateur one with a girl at a college party who is about to be eaten out by a guy at the party and she feels the need to apologise that she hadn't shaved as she'd had finals to study for - what the hell? These guys are getting sex on film and that's what she's thinking about?! You could barely see stubble anyway!! To be honest, it probably would have had me preoccupied as well- does anyone else find that wrong?

how old are you? was this the first time you took a good look at your vagina? – if it is the first time, did you expect it to look the way it does? how often do you typically look at it? when was the first time you looked at it?

  25. I've always enjoyed touching it, i have always got a sense of comfort from holding/cupping/stroking it, not necessarily sexual at all. I don't look at it a lot except when about to get in the shower but I have had good looks before. I don't remember the first time I looked at it but I do remember the first time I attempted shaving, sitting spread legged in front of the mirror as I did and suddenly getting so turned on looking at it i ended up masturbating for hours! That only happened that one time...

have your lovers told you what they think about how your vagina looks? what did they tell you? did you ask them, or did they offer?

  I don't remember who brought it up but my last boyfriend said he really liked mine a lot- this was then undermined by him going on to explain that his last partner's had been a bit "messy" and he didn't like mess.

this conversation makes me think...

  About what a judgmental douche my ex was hahahahahah

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