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 masturbation stories

masturbation experiences
masturbation experiences 85

tell us about your earliest experience of masturbation...

i was at a friends house. We were watching "Animal House" when the scene of a naked girl masterbating came on. Almost immedietly, we both started masterbating. It lasted probably an house. Humping pillows and moaning. We cummed everywhere. When pillows didnt do the job we would use the metal siding of the cot we both laid upon.

when you were growing up - what did your mother tell you about masturbation? did you talk about it with your friends?

  nothing. I never talked about sex with my parents. But I am very open with my friends. One of my friends taught me to lay under the faucet of my bath tub. EVERYTIME that will give you an orgasm...i promise!

what do you think about; who do you fantasize about when you masturbate?

  I am COMPLETELY heterosexual, however, I always fantasize about women. Women eating me out and making me cum. Or just watching them masterbate....thinking about innocent girls I know masterbating. Otherwise I think about unlikely people, like people i work with or people i barely know.

how do you typically set the mood, do you use sex-toys? - describe the scene...props, setting, soundtrack, etc.

  I like to read and watch things, but i don't have much access to them. Thinking about wet slippery vaginas makes me very excited...other wise the feeling of a hard penis

got any great masturbation stories to tell?

  I will always feel guilty about this one...but it's definately my most far fetched story..when i was in fifth grade I put peanut butter along the crotch of my underwear, inside and out...i summoned my dog into the room and let him lick the peanutbutter off..while it was on my vagina. The feeling of the gaint warm tounge carressing and stroking my clit was amazing

what would/did you tell your daughter about masturbation...

  its natural

this conversation makes me think...

  i want to go fuck my self!

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Founded in 1974, by Dell Williams, Eve's Garden was the first woman-owned and -operated sexuality boutique and mail order service in America.

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masturbataion experiences

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