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masturbation experiences
masturbation experiences 86

tell us about your earliest experience of masturbation...

Jets at the public pool, strangely enough.

when you were growing up - what did your mother tell you about masturbation? did you talk about it with your friends?

  I don't recall my mother ever mentioning it, and my friends and I never discussed the topic untill college when girls would try to outdo each other in tales of embracing sexuality.

what do you think about; who do you fantasize about when you masturbate?

  Sometimes I read sex scenes in novels.

how do you typically set the mood, do you use sex-toys? - describe the scene...props, setting, soundtrack, etc.

  Usually on my bed, door locked, any sort of music playing just to detract from the activity at hand (so to speak).

got any great masturbation stories to tell?

  My youngest sister used to rub her "peepee" against the carpet when she was little, which our other siblings and I sometimes joke about.

what would/did you tell your daughter about masturbation...

  I would tell my daughter it's just as healthy for girls to masturbate as guys, and if she were older, that to me toys always seemed overrated. In hypothetical conversation, at least.

this conversation makes me think...

  How prudish my attitude is overall, that I used to refrain from masterbating because I saw it as a weakness for needing other people, which is ridiculous. It makes me think I'm still a virgin because I'm not mature enough to rethink control.

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Founded in 1974, by Dell Williams, Eve's Garden was the first woman-owned and -operated sexuality boutique and mail order service in America.

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masturbataion experiences

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