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masturbation experiences
masturbation experiences 87

tell us about your earliest experience of masturbation...

I was 16 and I had just finished watching girls masturbate and I decided that I wanted to try it. I went upstairs in my bedroom and experienced my very first orgasm.

when you were growing up - what did your mother tell you about masturbation? did you talk about it with your friends?

  My mother never talked about masturbation. Occasionally some of my friends and I would swap techniques.

what do you think about; who do you fantasize about when you masturbate?

  I always fantasize about girls licking each other or masturbating.

how do you typically set the mood, do you use sex-toys? - describe the scene...props, setting, soundtrack, etc.

  Typically I allow myself to relax with candles and tea and I just let my mind wonder to fantasies of lesbians.

got any great masturbation stories to tell?

  After I had been masturbating for quite some time I decided to experiment and I scooted underneath the bathtub faucet until I came so much that I was violently shaking...it was amazing...

what would/did you tell your daughter about masturbation...

  To keep it private and non-obsessive.

this conversation makes me think...

  that I want to go masturbate....right now!

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Founded in 1974, by Dell Williams, Eve's Garden was the first woman-owned and -operated sexuality boutique and mail order service in America.

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masturbataion experiences

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