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 masturbation stories

masturbation experiences
masturbation experiences 90

tell us about your earliest experience of masturbation...

in the bedroom at home - probably 5 or 6

when you were growing up - what did your mother tell you about masturbation? did you talk about it with your friends?

  no, i found it embarassing as i could not control myself and had to do it in private

what do you think about; who do you fantasize about when you masturbate?

  masturbation for me is a precursor to making love with a man so i think of a very well endowed man deep inside me as i rock and he explodes

how do you typically set the mood, do you use sex-toys? - describe the scene...props, setting, soundtrack, etc.

  first thing in the morning as i am warm and my body is, my vagina is usually tingling which is the sign. sometimes it helps if i am wearing a towelling dressing gown and i pull it underneath and up like a diaper - i clasp my legs tight closed on it and it feels like my well endowed man doing his business in me

got any great masturbation stories to tell?

  i remember as a young teen having a session with my then boyfried who was very shy. we were both on the floor of his sitting room after arriving home late. it did not take long for me to start getting aroused so he put his thigh in between my legs encompassing my entire vagina with meat. i masturbated until i came and it was electric.

what would/did you tell your daughter about masturbation...

  nothing unless she asked

this conversation makes me think...

  i am moving up and down on the seat as i write, i cannot contain myself when i read or write about masturbation. i am very horny now and dont need any props other than the stimulation of the chair under my hot vagina. my track suit bottoms are silken which aids my sensitive vagina to absorb the surface i sit on. however, as the throbbing in my vagina is heading towards climax, i will have to depart to use something to relieve my aching loins - ahhhh cant wait. bye slippery bye bye

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Founded in 1974, by Dell Williams, Eve's Garden was the first woman-owned and -operated sexuality boutique and mail order service in America.

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masturbataion experiences

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