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menarche party  
  It's a Menarche Party!

Conceived by Megan Andelloux, the first menarche party was held on March 5, 2005 in Providence RI. It was a smashing success, and over 150 people attended! Read Megan's invitation (on the right) to get the gist of what a menarche party is, and then read below about Megan.

Among many others, Megan wishes to thank: Menstrual Monday—for all the fabulous hard beautiful work you did even though you don't know me! Lunapads, Gladrags, CHOICE CLOTHING, DIVACUP, The Keeper, Jade and Pearl for the ROCKING SAMPLES and donations!!!!! And all of you for driving to attend this from Maine, CT, RI, MA, NJ and maybe other places I don't know about.

Megan plans to hold another menarche party, next March, but if that's just too long to wait, you can ask her to throw a party in your state — she's got all the supplies now!
Email Megan at: fiercefemme@gmail.com

Megan Andelloux works at Planned Parenthood of CT as the Sexual Health Educator/Trainer for the Eastern Section of CT. Megan also provides the education section and classes for a feminist-run sex toy shop in Providence, RI, as well as travels around New England to other feminist-run sexuality shops, teaching classes from oral sex, anal sex, how to be a better lover, flirting, g-spot stimulation, etc. She also answers questions for the website Sexualhealth.com.

Megan works as a Gyno Model for Medical Students at Yale University, UConn School of Medicine and Brown School of Medicine. She allows them to use her body to practice their first, or 20th pelvic, anal, breast and vaginal ultrasound exams. She teaches them the techniques to use, the language appropriate for their patients and tricks to make it go easier.

In short, Megan is really comfy talking about all these issues, as they are dear to her heart!

Contacting Megan
Megan can be contacted at fiercefemme@gmail.com with questions, or interest in booking a training or workshop.

So what the HECK is a Menarche Party you ask?

Simply this - a time for individuals who have, do or will experience monthly bleeding to gather and say "Screw the shame!" I love my vagina, I know this is healthy and I shouldn't feel bad about it!"

I have planned the following party in honor of my niece Rebecca, soon to be 13. Much as I had schooled her about her upcoming period and she was prepared, when the moment came, she freaked out. Now, a year later, she reports that she still finds it difficult to rejoice in her monthly bleeding when everything around her screams- "SSShhh! Don't let anyone know about this GROSS thing is happening to you in between your legs!" You know what I'm talking about-from the quiet pad wrappers, to the "not so fresh feeling", to the deodorant tampon/pads and women wearing white when they bleed. Who the HECK wears all WHITE when they bleed?! Please, let's be practical! Obviously I could go and on.. So, let's show these girls, ourselves and the FEMININE HYGENIE industry, (can someone please tell me why, my vagina NEEDS hygiene? It's really quite healthy and clean on it's own!) that menstruation is FABULOUS, POWERFUL and NATURAL!

I will be raffling products off that you can't find in CVS or other drugstores that are fun and sassy! You'll giggle and meet other cool individuals as you sit down and make a VULVA COIN PURSE, T-SHIRT and PINS at the craft's table! Music featuring Menstruation Songs sung by Ani, Annie, etc will be playing and we will have guest speakers come in and talk about Vulva's!

You can pass this around to anyone who has, will or did experience monthly bleeding-it's a public event! Just dress your snazzy self in red, brown or pink and be prepared to enter into the world of Loving Vulva's!

One last thing I'm asking for, is to think of a POSITIVE story about your period to share with others. Not embarrassing, but funny and POSITIVE.

We want to walk away from this night saying "SCREW THE SHAME! I BLEED, IT'S NATURAL, GET OVER IT!"

Females of all ages will be present, if you know of someone who is nervous bringing up this subject to their daughter, bring them and the girl! We will start the conversation for them!

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