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anatomy, health and wellbeing: menstruation stories
menstruation experiences ·

menstruation questionnaire

  menstruation questionnaire response 75

how old were you when you first got your period, what was it like, and what did you know about what to expect?

  13 at first i had terrible cramps i would skip school and cry in the bathroom. i expected that because of my older sister.

how did you feel about it, and who did you tell about it?

  at first i hated. my mom and then my best girlfriends

what menstrual product did you start with? how did you learn about it?

  pads i just kinda knew

are you still using the same method to deal with the blood; what methods have you tried; which do you prefer and why?

  yes thats all i have tried

do you experience cramps, bloating, soar breasts, get pimples...? - if you do, tell us about it, and also, what remedies do you use?

  at first terrible cramps and heavy flow but within a year it turned into no cramps and light flow. i love eatin chocolste it feels like heaven!

do you feel emotional changes relating to where you are in your menstrual cycle?
  yes i get angry even eaiser even though i have a small case of anger managment

how do the men in your life relate to your period, or periods in general?

  they attempt to say things but it always makes it work

this conversation makes me think....

  Now in my life being 8th grade

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menstruation story
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