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anatomy, health and wellbeing: menstruation stories
menstruation experiences ·

menstruation questionnaire

  menstruation questionnaire response 76

how old were you when you first got your period, what was it like, and what did you know about what to expect?

  I was only 10 (in 5th grade) and in the middle of a class. I seemed to just know what was going on, but didn't know why or what to do about it.

how did you feel about it, and who did you tell about it?

  I was really uncomfortable because I thought it would show and/or get everywhere. I didn't tell anyone except my mother when I got home (and she subsequently told my dad and grandmother).

what menstrual product did you start with? how did you learn about it?

  I started out with pads. They were pretty self-explanatory.

are you still using the same method to deal with the blood; what methods have you tried; which do you prefer and why?

  I prefer tampons now. If I won't be able to get to a restroom often, I might back it up with a pad.

do you experience cramps, bloating, soar breasts, get pimples...? - if you do, tell us about it, and also, what remedies do you use?

  I sometimes get cramps (these are more recent). I almost always break out in zits, unfortunately. I will also feel bloated and possibly irregular.

do you feel emotional changes relating to where you are in your menstrual cycle?
  I get SUPER emotional. This can mean that O get really sad or angry. Just before I actually get my period I feel a spike in libido, probably because of the hormonal changes.

how do the men in your life relate to your period, or periods in general?

  A lot of them choose to block their ears...haha. But I have a couple of guy friends who are pretty open about bodily functions and/or have daughters. Luckily, guys seem to be a bit more tolerant when the menstrual cycle is brought up. Strangely enough, I have some guy friends who seem to have their own emotional "period" every month...

this conversation makes me think....

  ...about my period a bit too much.

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menstruation story
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