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personal: men's first-time stories
men's first-time stories

men's first-time vagina story

men's first time story 118
The first thing I remember being told about the vagina was...

  Some friend in 6th or 7th grade telling a few guys he had seen his sister naked (she was like 16 or 17) and it was a big hairy mound. I guess that's all he saw.

When my friends and I first talked about vaginas...

  There were a couple of guys who bragged all the time, ie: they were "getting laid all the time",and "pussy is so sweet", this is at about 13 or 14, not sure if any of it was true, sure wasn't for me.

The first time I heard of menstruation, I thought...

  I found used pads in the bathroom trash and thought someone was bleeding (duh). 7 or 8 years old, my mother told me exactly this and no more" don't worry about it, it's nothing"

The first time I saw/touched a vagina...

  My first real girlfriend15, maybe near my 16th birthday. We had been going out for a while and sometimes we'd go back to her house(parents divorced, Mom working or ??) and make out in her basement. After kissing and playing with her breasts for a while, one night she let me put my hand down her pants, man was she wet down there. That's as far as it went that night. As time went on she let me touch her some more and finally I ended up going down on her. I took great pleasure in doing this figuring, incorrectly that it would lead to the holy grail!!! No such luck, while she loved me going down on her and from the bucking and moaning, i guess i was able to bring her to orgasm(alas I can only guess), she would not even touch my cock, I left there after pleasing her(at least trying) with some serious cases of blue balls. One good thing that came out of that was that I never lost my desire to please my woman in that way. Right up until today at age 48 with my wife.

Since then my perception/experience of vaginas (changed/hasn't changed)...

  Sure my perception has changed since I was a kid. There was a mystical quality about "getting some pussy" Today I like to think alot more about mutually satisfying experiences. I think experimenting with alot of girls in college helped take away the selfish part of it. There were some girls who really knew what pleased them and helped me to get the job done. some lessons I don't think I'll ever forget.

What I would want my daughter to know about her vagina...

I really hope my wife & I were straight with my daughter about everything, we sure tried to be. Biology aside, we did give her real info about her parts/guys parts etc. we Ttied to teach her to have respect for herself and know that she doesn't have to use sex as a weapon of control to get what she wants.

Usually, I call a vagina a...

pussy, in a very loving way. Cunt I use to describe a pesonality trait not a body part

This conversation makes me think...

God I hope my wife gets home soon!!!

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