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men's vagina first-time stories

men's first-time vagina story

men's vagina first-time stories
The first thing I remember being told about the vagina was...

  When I was 5, that girls were different than boys, and didn't have a penis. Nobody told me anything more than that.

When my friends and I first talked about vaginas...

  It was in kindergarden, and one day we were learning about countries; The teacher was telling us about China when suddenly one of the girls said "I have a 'gina too!!" Everyone started talking and things got so confused that I didn't have any idea what they were talking about. Eventually the teacher got back on track and continued on about the great wall of China and Chinese dragons and such. Well, piecing together what little information I had, I thought that if girls had a "china" (which is what I actually thought it was called) then they had some sort of country of theirs, or something, with some kind of wall somewhere. I was too shy to ask for answers, so for the longest time I didn't have hardly a clue about what made girls physically different from boys.

The first time I heard of menstruation, I thought...

  It was absolutly disgusting and gross, and proof that girls were icky and had cooties, Much later on I started to learn better, and felt kinda bad for girls on the one hand and curious on the other. I actually wanted to experiance what it was like to have a period for a while... till I heard what it was like from a friend!

The first time I saw/touched a vagina...

  Was when I was like 7 or 8 and played "show me yours" with a friend. I didn't have any idea what I was looking at, and I was really curious about what she had. I didfn't even know what it was called then! I asked her if I could touch it, she hesitently said yes. I every so gingerly spred her lips and looked in the dark pit. I couldn't see anything, so I asked if I could look closer. She was unsure but agreed. I put a finger inside her and started to feel around to see what she had in there. I didn't find anything until I reach up and felt a very hard little bump buried under a flap of skin. When I touch it, she jerked her legs hard and yelped. I pulled my finger out and asked if she was okay. She said yes, and I asked her what that thing was. She didn't know. I asked if I could try to see it again, to find out. She didn't want to at first, but then she told me to. I spread her folds again and moved the blanket of skin at the top away from the bump I was looking for. It popped out and stood straight up, like a little penis I thought. I was fascinated. I didn't know girls had anything like that and I started asking all sorts of question,s, to which my friend only answered "I don't know." I started touching it, rubbing it, rolling it with my fingers. Her breathing started to get really heavy. She was gasping for air as her legs started to kick and thrash. Her belly was tembling and her hands were shaking. I was so intent on finding out what this little thing was I almost didn't hear her tell me to stop, and then when I did I didn't want to. She then bucked her legs and hips really hard and hit me square in the jaw. That promply ended the show and taught me to be far more respectful.

Since then my perception/experience of vaginas (changed/hasn't changed)...

  Has changed in some ways. I'm still a little jealous of a girl's special parts and I kinda envy them. I think every girl is special and that their vaginas are a wonderful thing for them to have.

What I would want my daughter to know about her vagina...

I'd want her to be proud of it, to be glad she has it and to know how to care for and use it in the best possible ways. I don't want her to be shy or afraid of it.

Usually, I call a vagina a...

Vagina for now, although I'm still looking for a better word... I don't like cunt or pussy, that seems kinda derrogatory to me.

This conversation makes me think...

How much I've learned about things.

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