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men's vagina first-time stories

men's first-time vagina story

men's vagina first-time stories
The first thing I remember being told about the vagina was...

  i guess about 10 years old

When my friends and I first talked about vaginas...

  about yhe same time , the wording was different cunt/pussey but it all the same

The first time I heard of menstruation, I thought...

  about 12 i guess a friend of mine talkinut his older sister

The first time I saw/touched a vagina...

  probably about 14 or 15 years old, but the first sex i was 18 in the marine corp in 1946 tring to meet friendbut missed them ran into a young woman about 23 and talked for a whileshe told me she lived iroom downstairs i left lookimng for my friendsafter 45 minuted gave up and went and knocked on her doorshe ask who and i said your marine ,shecalled across the halland went into bath, she was in the tubwith bubble all over her,i massaged her shounders, and then she stood up, what a beautiful sight, black hair where it should be, we went to her roomacross hjalland had sex, i exploded immediately she calmed me down and shortly we tried again, when i would pull out she had the most pressure on my penis and going in she would relax, nevere happened again, now married to same woman 58 years, i learned along time ago to go down on her finallyshe would say put it in ,puy in in, i dont think she ever missed a climax

Since then my perception/experience of vaginas (changed/hasn't changed)...

  no one bit think about it every day now 82 years old

What I would want my daughter to know about her vagina...

just have 3 sons,

Usually, I call a vagina a...


This conversation makes me think...

start all over

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