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men's vagina first-time stories

men's first-time vagina story

men's vagina first-time stories
The first thing I remember being told about the vagina was...

  At 5 being told by my mother than girls are different. The word vagina and accurate information built between 10 and 12 from friends first and then sex ed in school.

When my friends and I first talked about vaginas...

  9 or 10 we began to become fascinated.

The first time I heard of menstruation, I thought...

  I thought that it was a really big deal. And around 11 or 12 my male friends became speculatating and sharing rumors about girls we knew and whether or not they had got their period yet. At that time we looked at girls who had started were somehow more sexually mature.

The first time I saw/touched a vagina...

  I was 5 or so and saw my mother's. She simply told me girls are different. I had a baby sister about that time and peeked at her's too. When I was 9 a girl in my school showed me hers and I touched it quickly. When I was 10 a neighbor girl and her brother and I showed each other our stuff. She let me touch it and showed me her clit.

Since then my perception/experience of vaginas (changed/hasn't changed)...

  It's changed completely. From ignorant childhood, pre-adolsecent chatter to real lovers in my late teens and easrly 20's. Reaching a point with girlfriends where we could talk freely about our bodies and desires; I learned women liked sex as much as men, but many were taught growing up to hide that. Once I began getting beyond that repression with partners, I began to learn that vaginas are beautiful, complex and fascinating.

What I would want my daughter to know about her vagina...

I have not had this conversation because I feel awkward as a father and man talking about my daughter's vaginas. However, I would hope they consider their anatomy as special and uniquely different to men. Equally or more important than a penis, and something to be proud of as a part of their femininity.

Usually, I call a vagina a...

Vagina or pussy

This conversation makes me think...

That the open discussion of female sexuality is changing all the male-skewed falsehoods of my childhood. I was in my late teens when I first discovered girls masturbated as much or more than boys, but were often told it was not right -- by parents. Why the gender issue; which equally projected a false view that boys were overly sexual and constantly masturbated as a passage of youth. About many experiences with women partners who felt awkward and insecure about their vaginas -- appearance, taste and smell. And how ridiculous and repressive this was. I think about the many times I've complimented parnters for beautiful vaginas, after channeling my desires from self-gratification only, and that intercourse is only one part of sex -- with touching and oral being equally or often more effective in giving great orgasms to women. That when I developed a truely powerful attratction to vaginas and all the complexities and wonderful array of shapes , sizes and grooming -- that was when partners started really pleasing me in return.

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