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  It's been over ten years since I began work on vagina vérité®. Hard to believe that it’s been that long! This project has been and continues to be the most meaningful work I’ve ever engaged in.

While the outcome of the work is the set of v-portraits on the following pages, at the core of the project are the endless conversations that spiraled out when a friend asked me: Do you like the way your vagina looks?

Thank you to everyone who has participated in creating vagina vérité®. It is because of your encouragement, support and participation that vagina vérité® exists. Alexandra

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  JAN 1, 2012

I’ve made over 100 v-portraits  — proud and unabashed vulva portraits, each beautiful and strikingly unique.

The women who have made v-portraits with me so far range in age from 19-60, are of diverse backgrounds, families, sexuality, experiences, life-styles, as well as comfort-level with their vaginas, vulvas and their bodies in general. What they have in common is the trust they placed in me—for that, I deeply thank each one!

I look forward to sharing this by exhibiting widely, and also by publishing a book of our v-portraits.

I have completed photography for the book. Next up is color-correcting and the publishing proposal. Read the story of vagina vérité® here.

Also, I am thinking about doing some kind of book exhibition using a mock-up of the book [meaning a version that I'd make myself prior to publishing]. I'd like to get lots of feedback and record it [audio, video, written] and make it part of the publishing proposal.

Any ideas you have toward making that happen are welcome and appreciated!

You can reach me at alexandra [at] leavethecastle [dot] com. As always your thoughts about any aspect of the project are very welcome and appreciated.



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Informal gathering where you can engage in discussion and view the v-portraits. Salons take place in NYC, the third Sunday of the month. RSVP and confirmation are required to attend. Invitations go out via the newsletter.

Learn more about the salon series here.

take the v-book survey
To publish vagina vérité®, I'll probably be submitting a publishing proposal, which includes among other things, a description of the market for the book.

Your input as to whether you'd buy the book would be very helpful in preparing the publishing proposal for vagina vérité®. Take the v-book survey.

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Vagina first-times, taste and feel, virginity, vagina style, do you like the way your vagina looks?...

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