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vagina vérité® was conceived in a conversation between two women about what our vaginas looked like. Since then, topics have spiraled out in many directions – about our personal vagina histories, about our bodies, our experiences, our expectations.

The personal section is about yOur experiences. Check out the questionnaire-responses, or add your own.

  vagina articles
• Master piercer, Elayne Angel, of Rings of Desire, Inc. New Orleans presents the art of genital piercing

vagina topics
If you have ideas for additional questionnaires, please send them in!

  vagina questionnaires
[ The number of responses published so far is listed in the brackets next to each questionnaire. If the number is bold, then responses were added in the last week or so. ]

menstruation review  menstruation review [78]
contraception review  contraception review [8]
gynecologist review  gyno review [34]
do you like the way your vagina looks questionnaire  do you like the way your vagina looks? [189]
women's vagina first-times questionnaire  women's vagina first times [244]
men's vagina first-time questionnaire  men's vagina first times [178]
questionnaire  masturbation [91]
questionnaire  virginity [161]
vagina taste and feel questionnaire  vagina taste and feel [149]
pussy, punani, fanny, front-bottom, snatch -what's your name for vagina? vagina names: what do you call it? [215]
vagina styling questionnaire  vagina style [75]
vagocosmetic surgery  designer vaginas [98]
vbook survey  vbook survey

more vagina questionnaires
You tell me! What would you like to talk about?
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Please note: Everything you will find on this site is intended to be a starting point for conversation. Every woman's body and experiences are unique. vaginaverite.com is a forum for sharing our stories and is not moderated by any experts, or medical professionals.
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