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Sex Education — What are we teaching our kids? {US}

Abstinence-Only: It’s Baaack Abstinence-Only: It’s Baaack by Andy Kopsa @ Ms. Magazine Blog, DEC 22, 2011.

Teaching Good Sex Teaching Good Sex by Laurie Abraham @ The New York Times Magazine, NOV 16, 2011.

About Abstinence-only education

A report released by Rep. Henry Waxman (D- CA) shows that many federally funded abstinence-only education programs use curricula that distort information about the effectiveness of contraceptives, misrepresent the risks of abortion, blur religion and science, treat stereotypes about girls and boys as scientific fact, and contain basic scientific errors.

Unlike comprehensive sex education, abstinence-only programs have not been show to decrease rates of teen pregnancy or sexually-transmitted disease. In fact, a recent study found that youth who pledge abstinence are less likey to make informed choices about precautions when they do have sex. The serious and pervasive misinformation in abstinence-only curricula may help explain these findings.

The complete report is available at http://www.democrats.reform.house.gov

Real sexuality education saves lives, and information that is wrong, too little, or too late can have life-threatening effects. Programs that are harmful to our young people should not be funded by our government - period.

Meanwhile, the 2005 Appropriations bills now in Congress include $105 million for the discretionary abstinence education program, an increase of $30 million over FY04.

View highlights of the FY2005 appropriations bill at The House of Representatives Committee on Appropriations News Room.

  sexuality is more than sex

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