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personal: taste and feel: questionnaire responses
vagina taste and feel questionnaire responses

vagina taste and feel   taste and feel 146
Do all vaginas taste the same?

I have never noticed a difference in taste from one vagina to another.

Do all vaginas feel the same?

  "Not at all. Shaved/unshaved, loose/tight, wet/dry, big lips/small lips. Each vagina has it's own personality, but unlike humans they're all nice people!"

What makes a vagina hot?
  "Plenty of stimulation, not just to the vagina itself but considerate foreplay with your partner. Being in love helps. When all else fails I've never known a tongue on the clitoris or inside the vagina not to get things moving."

Are there vagina men out there?

  Millions of us!!

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vagina taste and feel
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