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personal: taste and feel: questionnaire responses
vagina taste and feel questionnaire responses

vagina taste and feel   taste and feel 148
Do all vaginas taste the same?

"Not at all. The taste is often similar, but the intensity of it really varies. some are really strong and others are lighter. Very recently I dated a woman who had no taste or odor at all...none. It was like sipping Evian water. Never experienced that before. Importantly, that "no taste" one, was interesting and she was nice, but I sometimes wanted more taste to make it more sensual. I think it is about genetics, diet, and (of course) washing habits."

Do all vaginas feel the same?

  "Not at all. They come in every possible size, shape and grooming. Some are wider than others. Some have an angle upward a bit. Some are not as deep as others. Hair can change how it feels. Some are silky and soft, others are scratchy. Bare ones are nice, but not always better. If you are into the woman, you can enjoy and feel"

What makes a vagina hot?
  "First the woman overall. If she is confident about her body (any age, size or shape); she makes every part of her body hotter. Some women are more "vaginal" than others. They are somehow connected with their vaginas better emotionally and physically than others who are more shy and represhed. Finally, I like something unique or special. Maybe her labia are puffy and pink, or her clit or clit hood pokes out, or sometimes pretty natural pubic hair. The bottom line is they all can be hot and they all might not be...depends on how the woman feels about it, and is free to share."

Are there vagina men out there?

  "My bi female friend says there are a few, but they are not common. The key way to tell is if the man is totally turned on by the taste, texture, and whole experience of licking her to orgasm. IF that often turns him on more than receiving oral, screwing and receiving immediate pleasure for himself...that is rare. If he is turned on by the sight of a vagina...even a glimpse vs pounding away inside it...that tells much as well."

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