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personal: taste and feel: questionnaire responses
vagina taste and feel questionnaire responses

taste and feel 101

taste and feel 101

  Do all vaginas taste the same?

  Not sure, I think they do. I never really noticed. It is a very pungent, acid taste, I think I would have to have a very good sense of taste to discriminate.

  Do all vaginas feel the same?

  No - some are much juicier, so much so that your hand can be half covered in juice by the end, and have a stronger odour (when they are aroused). Sometimes I can smell if someone is excited as soon as I get under the sheets with her. Some have fuller, looser lips than others, some are of course hairier than others. Some are a little looser at the entrance. But once I am properly in, they all feel similar.

  What makes a vagina hot?
  long, slow, deep kisses, gentle stroking all over her body, slow foreplay, particularly in the morning. Licking my fingers before I go there always seems to help. Giving her oral.

  Are there vagina men out there?

  Sure, I think we all are. I always think I am a breast man, but I spend much more time on the vagina than I ever do with breasts.

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taste and feel 100

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