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personal: taste and feel: questionnaire responses
vagina taste and feel questionnaire responses

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  Do all vaginas taste the same?

  most vaginas taste the same. it all depends on how "juicy" it becomes. and that is all up to you.

  Do all vaginas feel the same?

  not really. some are smaller, hairer, wetter, there are many diffrent ones and many similar ones. i've even heard a guy say there are "pretty pussy's and nasty pussy's".

  What makes a vagina hot?
  it all depends on if you know how to get ya girl hot or not. you cant be bullshittin. Soft-wet kisses on her neck and inner thighs. Soft nibbles too. Everywhere would do the trick. But concentrate on the more "oohhss!" areas. Don't be afraid to try things, ice, strawberries, etc.. I do, and my girl loves it.

  Are there vagina men out there?

  of course there are. especially if you tell them about your "open to anything" sexuality.

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