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personal: taste and feel: questionnaire responses
vagina taste and feel questionnaire responses

taste and feel 92

taste and feel 92

  Do all vaginas taste the same?

  I doubt it since visibly some people are not clean. I also have some advice ladies when u eat onions it comes out in your vagina, very strong onion smell so lay off if u know u r gonna get some.I know because my first husband let me in on it. It never seemed to bother him, but now I watch my onion intake lol.

  Do all vaginas feel the same?

  here i have no idea how anyone but my own feels

  What makes a vagina hot?
  i am a very sexual person, i have never really had to try to get hot i always want it. but when i start to really think on it my panic button starts to throb. i love to have a big thick tongue going crazy inside me while i control the panic button. Feels wonderful!!!! have been w/ guys who put the p/button between there lips lightly sucking and loved that to!

  Are there vagina men out there?

  everyone i have been with were, i would say there are very few who dont like it.

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