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personal: taste and feel: questionnaire responses
vagina taste and feel questionnaire responses

taste and feel 94

taste and feel 94

  Do all vaginas taste the same?

  You know I really haven't noticed a great deal of difference in the taste of a womans vigina.

  Do all vaginas feel the same?

  This is definately a no. When a woman gains expereince she learns how to use her vigina. I remember when i was younger 20's that women were alike, they were tight in the beginning and lose by the end. the more excited they got the looser they would get. But, as i have had the opportuntiy to have several other women over 30 they learn how to control the muscles. I actually had one lover that squeezed my dick so hard i couldn't pull it out. That was incredable.. i will never forget that...

  What makes a vagina hot?
  i think what makes it hot is stimulation. Licking and soft touches... taking the time to get a woman so horny that it just starts leeking... then it is hot.

  Are there vagina men out there?

  i can't think of a man that isn't. I am especially fond of long pussy lips and excited ones that get fat when horny... I also love large clits... when a woman is very horny and her clit is filled with blood, it is so sensitve and i just love to touch it with my tonge and hold it there,... you can feel it pulse and sometimes make a woman cum just holding it there softly.

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