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designer vaginas?  

So, while many women don't know what their own vagina looks like, much less what others look like, women are getting cosmetic surgery to make theirs look better?? I really shouldn't be surprised—we do noses, face-lifts, foreheads, breasts, lips—right, lips. Is this any different?

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Opposed by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists:

Risks include:
• loss of sensitivity
• infection and pain from permanent scarring

No studies document benefits of these cosmetic procedures, making the risks unacceptable. Read full article >

Designer Vaginas

Before starting on vagina vérité®, I had no idea how different all vulvas are. Each distinctly unique—like faces are, and personalities.

Positively no two alike—fascinating and beautiful!
Apparently, not everyone thinks so. What do you think?

Read what others think:

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Is this the first time you're hearing of female genital cosmetic surgery?


Would you re-design your vagina? – why?

  hell no im still tryin to learn about mine!!!

This conversation makes me think...

  i really need to know more about my vagina.


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