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The following "usual names" have been excerpted from The Perfumed Garden, translated by Sir Richard Burton. See bibliography.

The vulva

Such an organ is plump and outstanding in its full length; the lips are long, the opening large, the edges apart and perfectly symmetrical, and the middle prominent; it is soft, seductive, and perfect in all its details. It is without fear of contradiction, the most agreeable and the best of all. May god grant us the use of such a vulva! Amen! It is warm, narrow and dry to such a degree that one would think fire would dart from it. Its form is graceful, its odour suave; its whiteness throws the carmine centre into relief. In a word, it is perfect.

The crack It is like a crack in a wall, and is devoid of flesh.

The snub-nosed This has thin lips and a tiny tongue.

The squeezer So called because of its squeezing action on the member. Immediately after penetration it starts to squeeze the member and draws it in with such gusto that were it possible, it would absorb the testicles too.

The importunate This is the vulva which will spare no member. If one spend a hundred nights with it and penetrated a hundred times a night, it would neither be tired nor satisfied, but would rather ask for more. With it, the roles are inverted: the member is the defender, and it the petitioner...

The sweller So called because, when a member arrives at the entrance, it is caused to swell and stand up at once. It procures enormous satisfaction for its owner, and, at the moment of enjoyment, it winks.
The giant This is as long as it is wide, that is, it is developed in both directions, from side to side and from the pubis to the perineum. It is the most beautiful that the eye may ever behold. May God in His goodness never deprive us of such a sight!

The glutton This is the one with a wide throat. If it has been deprived of coition for a certain time and a member should then approach it, it will swallow it whole, as a hungry man will throw himself on to food and try to swallow it without chewing.

The ever-ready This name is given to the vagina of woman passionately fond of the virile member. It is the one which, far from being intimidated by a hard and stiff penis, treats it with contempt and demands one harder.

It is also the one which is neither frightened nor ashamed when someone raises the clothes which cover it...

The resigned The one which, having received the member, patiently endures any movement it may like to make....

The sucker This is the vagina which, dominated by amorous ardour resulting from continence or frequent voluptuous caresses, grasps the member and sucks it with a strength capable of draining its sperm...
The taciturn This is the one which is sparing in words. Should a member penetrate a hundred times a day it would say nothing but would be content to look on.

The above "usual names" have been excerpted from The Perfumed Garden, translated by Sir Richard Burton. See bibliography.

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