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losing your virginity  

virginity story

virginity story 157
what does "losing your virginity" mean to you? - define the term, and then tell us about what the experience signified for you...

  I spent most of my teens dating women and having lots of oral sex. so I didn't consider myself a virgin. I considered all my experiences "sex" so I was a virgin. I still think that sex doesn't require a penis and a vagina,

what were your expectations of what the experience would be like prior to losing your virginity?

  I expected it to be better but I was too nervous to actually relax and enjoy the first several times.

how old were you, and was this the age when expected or intended to lose your virginity?

  I first had vaginal intercourse at 18. I had had lots of sex with women before I was with this man. I thought I would have sex with a man sooner but I liked the way it happened.

what did it feel like? was there blood? did your partner know it was your first time and did you talk about it before?


I thought it felt so strange. He made me come from oral first and then he entered me. I remember laying there and thinking how strange it felt, it wasn't painful at all, and Mike kept asking me if I was ok. I hadn't told him it was my first time so he must have thought I wasn't enjoying it because I just layed thinking how odd and interesting it felt.

what did your mother, family, friends tell you about losing your virginity...

  Wait till your married, or till you rewally love someone...blah blah blah.

what would/did you tell your daughter about losing her virginity...

That it is a wonderful experience. I would have taught her that masturbation is normal and healthy and important because it is very important to learn how to make yourself orgasm in order to have truly fulfilling sexual experiences. She would be armed with birth control of her choice and educated.

this conversation makes me think...

how sad it was that my parents could never discuss the pleasure of sex.

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