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losing your virginity  

virginity story

virginity story 159
what does "losing your virginity" mean to you? - define the term, and then tell us about what the experience signified for you...

  Losing virginity is when a man's penis penetrates a woman's vagina. The experience meant I was no longer a virgin; also that I gained access to a common life experience of womanhood.

what were your expectations of what the experience would be like prior to losing your virginity?

  I expected it to hurt somewhat. (It didn't.)

how old were you, and was this the age when expected or intended to lose your virginity?

  I was 40 and I intended to wait till my wedding day, but past my 40th birthday I did not want to miss out on the experience of having sex either.

what did it feel like? was there blood? did your partner know it was your first time and did you talk about it before?


It felt great, I had an orgasm the first time. There was no blood because I used to masturbate regularly. My partner did not know it was my first time.

what did your mother, family, friends tell you about losing your virginity...

  Nothing, I have never felt the need to discuss this with my mother or friends.

what would/did you tell your daughter about losing her virginity...

To wait until her wedding day - unless she got to be 40 without marrying.

this conversation makes me think...

... that although we practise making love diligently :) with my partner, I don't regret having waited either. I had so many exciting and interesting things happening to me before I got 40, I could probably enjoy them more without the complications of sex; and then at 40 life just started to get slightly "everyday-ish" (I felt I had already done everything), sex was just the right thing at the right time to add a whole new dimension! :)

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