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losing your virginity  

virginity story

virginity story 160
what does "losing your virginity" mean to you? - define the term, and then tell us about what the experience signified for you...

  When a penis penetrates the vagina. This is what losing your virginity is.

what were your expectations of what the experience would be like prior to losing your virginity?

  I didn't expect my first time to be absolutely marvellous. I was aware there was going to be pain.

how old were you, and was this the age when expected or intended to lose your virginity?

  I was 16 years old. This is the sort of time I had wanted to lose my virginity.

what did it feel like? was there blood? did your partner know it was your first time and did you talk about it before?


We had talked about sex before and we made sure we were both ready for it at the time so no one felt rushed in to it. At first it was very sore, then we noticed blood. I knew that my 'cherry' had been popped (hymen broken) and my boyfriend was aware of this and very understanding. Once my hymen had broke the sex was starting to feel a little easier, though I continued to bleed for a little bit and there was still some discomfort.

what did your mother, family, friends tell you about losing your virginity...

  Not many of my friends had recalled losing their virginity before 16. The ones who had claimed to have sex never talked about their first time. I never really spoke much of virginity etc with my family, though they know I've had sex before.

what would/did you tell your daughter about losing her virginity...

I would answer all the questions my daughter wants to know about sex. I would be honest with her and warn her about the consequences of unprotected sex. I would advise her to wait until she is with someone she can trust well and when she feels ready

this conversation makes me think...

This conversation makes me think that I am quite glad I lost my virginity at 16 as I was very curious and I was just so glad we were responsible about it and used protection!

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